All products are handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients. Effective, natural, simple, eco-friendly, never tested on animals and plastic-free.

We use lye in combination with a variety of plant-based oils. Lye is the ingredient that turns the oils into soap through the saponification process. Soap made with these oils is more expensive than commercially made soap, as contain nutrients and vitamins that other soaps don’t and therefore they are much healthier and gentler for both skin and hair. Our soaps are also free from ‘nature-identical’ ingredients, such as micas and synthetically-produced s ‘natural’ colorants and fragrances.

Another ingredient we are using is sodium lactate is made from the fermentation of sugars naturally occurring in beets and corn. Sodium lactate is commonly used in food products. It’s also an extremely effective humectant, helping to strengthen the skin moisture barrier.

  • Our base mix is made with 100% natural plant oils.

  • Our soap is scented with essential oils.

  • It’s colored with herbs and plant extracts.

  • We add no artificial substances to our soaps.

  • They are palm oil-free.