How to kill boredom like a pro

Staying in, may not sound very tempting to most people, but we are here to fight the negative thoughts and focus on finding ways to kill our time productively.

I created two categories depending on the type of activities someone is looking for. I tried some of them and I believe they are pleasant alternatives to relax and bring back our missing positivity.

1. Arts & Crafts

Try to find a time during the day avoiding peak hours and go to an arts and crafts store (if possible) for some supplies.


It is a fact; knitting relaxes. The movement of needles and the soft yard have a calming effect. Fewer stress hormones are released, blood pressure is getting lower and the pulse is slowing down. It easy to switch off mentally as the concentration needed, is a total distraction from anything else.

Clay art

Did you know that clay art is used as a therapy method? It is used as a way of treatment of mental health and emotional disorders. Clay can be an absolute metaphor for feelings. You can focus on it, manipulate it and squeeze it, which can help reduce anxiety, enable the acting out of emotions, and provide opportunities for fulfillment, achievement, and acceptance.

You can find different types of clay. I choose to use the one that doesn't need heating to dry.

Send "positive vibes" cards

Imagine yourself checking your email box today and finding a postcard from your family or a friend. Making your own or buying a card from your local store or post office, is an easy way to put a smile on somebody's face. On top of that, do not forget that this is a two-way benefit; bring the coffee table closer, sit down and let the creativity come out of you.

Macrame making

Macrame is a method of knotting cord to create beautiful decorations for your home, including wall hangings, plant hangers, and accessories. There are hundreds of tutorials online to help you start and find the perfect pattern.

If not now, when?

Easter decorations

Oh yes... The Easter period is now close and you should not feel bad at all if you want or need to change the atmosphere of your place and make it a bit more positive. Easter decorations are a cute idea to spend your time, to decorate your apartment or even to gift them. I found lovely ideas in where you can find easter DIYs for the entire family.

Lollipops & chocolates

You will need:

2 cups of sugar 2/3 cup of water 1/8 teaspoon Cream of Tartar 2 to 3 drops flavoring oil daisy or other edible flowers


For the 3 ingredient recipe you will need:

320 g coconut ground 400 g sweetened condensed milk 300 g chocolate couverture 100-150 g pistachios optional


2. Well being

What I really found helpful as a first step was reducing or hiding pages from the news feed on my social media. As a second step, I created playlists that help to create a positive atmosphere in my place.

Start walking

If you can't or don't want to work out, just walk! What I do, is to wait for the sunset (people are not around during night time) and walk. I have also set a target of 20000 steps per day in order to keep my cardio box ticked.

Pick some flowers

Oh yes.. You don't have to drive for hours in order to pick some nice flowers; greenery and branches work too in order to create nice decorations and blossom spots in your house.

Ηealthy snacks making

We can all agree that our best friend at that stage is the fridge. There are some tips though, we can do to beat our cravings:

  • Freeze berries/strawberries

  • Slice cucumber/carrots/celery/cauliflower & put some vinegar or lemon

  • Make your own popcorns

  • Drink a coffee

  • Make a jug of ice tea with stevia

  • Eat some sunflower seeds without salt

*Advice: Try to eat your calories-do not drink them! That means that when people eat their calories in the form of solid food, they feel fulfilled as well as the blood sugar level is lower. When people ingest liquid calories, they don't get the same feeling, as well as they tend to increase their blood sugar levels abruptly.

Make your own beauty salon

You have all the time of the world and no excuse to spoil yourself with some facial/hair/body treatments. The web is full of homemade recipes.

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